Produce, pack and market the best avocado in Mexico, guaranteeing the quality required by our clients through the use of leading technology, implementation of internationally recognized food innocuousness practices and a process of continuous improvement in all business units.


Corporate "La Viña" works to consolidate its presence in the national market and expand its participation in international markets by offering fresh avocado and industrialized product derived from it, creating lasting business relationships.


Corporativo La Viña, accumulated in 2017 almost 35 years of experience in the production, packaging and marketing of fresh avocado type hass. Its infrastructure has two packing plants that allow it to specialize in markets, offering its customers a product that surpasses their expectations and that due to the integration of all the business units maintains competitive prices in Mexico and in the international markets.

In addition, as of May 2015, Corporativo La Viña established a distribution center in San Salvador Huixcolotla, Puebla, benefiting the logistics of its customers in central and southeastern Mexico, with first level facilities offering different products.

Founded as a family business, it evolves with the insertion in the administration and operation of the second generation, which brings with it the expansion of its commercialization, placing itself among the first five exporters to Asia.

Nowadays, Corporativo La Viña provides its customers with products throughout the year and worldwide with the latest technology equipment and specialized processes running through systems such as SAP.